415 Mobs in Alexandria murder Hypatia

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"In Alexandria, Egypt, the mob urged by the bishop Cyrillus, attacks a few days before the Judaeo-Christian Pascha (Pesach-Easter) and hacks to pieces the famous and beautiful philosopher Hypatia. Pieces of her body are paraded by the christian mob through the streets of Alexandria, and are finally burned together with her books in a place called Cynaron. On 30th August, new persecutions start against all the Pagan priests of North Africa, who end their lives either crucified or burned alive."

"Parabolan monks, incited by lies about Hypatia spread by [St.] Cyril, and led by Peter the lector, killed her inside a Christian church. Hypatia had been a popular public lecturer in philosophy and mathematics, and a close advisor of Orestes, the Roman governor of Alexandria. "Cyril resented her influence with the city prefect and others. No one was punished for the crime." The Catholic Encyclopedia absolves Bishop Cyril of all blame for this event.

Pagan idols and altars were ordered destroyed. All pagan property was claimed by the imperial authorities. Bishops were allowed to disrupt pagan rites, with force if necessary. Pagans were excluded from positions in government. [Pollard and Reid, 272-278; Haught, 1990, 53; Engh, 92]"

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