391 Edict prohibits looking at vandalised statues

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"On 24th February, a new edict of Theodosius prohibits not only visits to Pagan Temples but also looking at vandalised statues. New heavy persecutions all around the Empire. In Alexandria, Egypt, the Gentiles, led by the philosopher Olympius, revolt and  after some street fights, finally lock themselves inside the fortified Temple of the God Serapis (The Serapeion). After a violent siege, the christians occupy the building, demolish it, burn its famous Library and profane the cult images."  (See Agora movie)

"Theophilus, Patriarch of Alexandria, closed a pagan temple in Alexandria and destroyed several other temples. The pagans rioted and some Christians were killed. Theophilus led a Christian mob, which destroyed the temple of Serapis. He later built a church on the ruins. The CE says that Theophilus was gifted intellectually but also was violent and unscrupulous. The Serapeum was said to be the largest place of worship in the world. It also was part of the famous Alexandrian library, which held 700,000 scrolls. [Catholic Encyclopedia, "Theophilus"; Johnson, 1976, 98; Ellerbe, 46; Pollard and Reid, 282, 298]"

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