385 Systematic destruction of pagan temples, shrines and altars

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385 to 388 
"Maternus Cynegius, encouraged by his fanatic wife, and his bishop "Saint" Marcellus, scour the countryside with their gangs, sack and destroy hundreds of Hellenic Temples, shrines and altars. Amongst others they destroy the Temple of Edessa, the Cabeireion of Imbros, the Temple of Zeus in Apamea, the Temple of Apollo in Dydima and all the Temples of Palmyra. Thousands of innocent Gentiles from all sides of the Empire suffer martyrdom in the notorious death camps of Skythopolis."

"Theodosius I ordered his Prefect Cynegius, with the cooperation of local bishops and monks, to destroy the temples and shrines of the pagans in Greece and Asia Minor. [www.stopthereligiousright.org/theodosius.htm, citing Gibbon, v.3, ch. 28]" (http://666christiancrimes.com/350%20-%20399.html)

0385 to 0388
www.stopthereligiousright.org/theodosius.htm, citing Gibbon, v.3, ch. 28