385 Destruction of the temple of Jupiter at Apamea in Syria by Cynegius

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 "In AD 385, Theodosius directed Cynegius, his praetorian prefect in the east, to enforce the prohibition of sacrifice for the purpose of divination (CTh. XVI.10.9). Exceeding his mandate, Cynegius began to suppress the temples, themselves, including the temple of Jupiter at Apamea in Syria. Its destruction is described in the Historia Ecclesiastica (V.21) of Theodoret. So hard was the stone and so massive the columns, each some twenty-six feet in circumference and held together with iron and lead clamps, that the prefect despaired of pulling them down. But then, as if by divine inspiration, a local man suggested that the foundation of three of the columns be undermined and replaced by timber beams, which then could be burned."