How to Overcome Religion and Follow Your Own Path

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"The fundamentalist religions of our world have led much of humanity into a life of fear, guilt and shame. These fear based dogmatic beliefs prevent many of us from achieving our highest and greatest potential. Fear keeps us imprisoned in our own personal hell, preventing us from recognizing our intrinsic worth and true ability. We were created to succeed and live a joy filled existence, yet many of us are trapped in misery and personal torment. Once we free ourselves from our fear based beliefs we are able to become who we were divinely created to be.

In “How to Overcome Religion and Follow Your Own Path” Victoria shares the process of overcoming the pain of her past and the subconscious remnants of her childhood religion. By liberating herself physically, emotionally and spiritually she found the joy and fulfillment that is every human’s birthright. Through her story of personal transformation she provides the opportunity for countless others to do the same."

Victoria Reynolds
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