Persecutions by Christians

Title Victim Perpetrator Location
486 Underground pagan priests are killed in Alexandria, Egypt Pagan Priests Christians Alexandria
511-558 Frankish king Childebert I ordered the destruction of all pagan idols Pagans Childebert I Kingdom of Franks
515 Obligatory Baptism and the Massacre of Gentiles in Zoara Gentiles in Zoara Emperor Anastasius Zoara (Arabian Peninsula)
517 Christians closed the university at Alexandria University at Alexandria Christians Alexandria
526 Closing of the last functioning Eqyptian temple (on Philae) Blemyes, Priests of Isis Emperor Justinian Philae
528 Emperor Jutprada (Justinianus) executes diviners and prohibits all pagan teachings Pagans Emperor Justinianus
529 Benedict of Nursia destroys pagan temple at Monte Cassino Pagans Benedict of Nursia Monte Cassino
529 Emperor Justinian outlaws the Athenian Philosophical Academy Athenian Philosophical Academy Emperor Justinian Plato's Academy in Greece
530s Justinian ordered all subjects to submit to Christian baptism Pagans Emperor Justinian Roman Empire
532 Christian Emperor Justinian ordered the massacre of more than 30,000 non-conformist citizens in Constantinople Non-Conformist Citizens Emperor Justinian Constantinople
532 Nika Revolution Put Down Severely Pagans Emperor Justinian
532 The inquisitor monk Ioannis Asiacus leads a crusade against the Gentiles of Asia Minor Gentiles Ioannis Asiacus Asia Minor
540 Greco-Roman Medicine Declared to be Heresy Medicine, Health Roman Catholic Church Roman Empire
542 Conversion of pagans of Phrygia, Caria and Lydia Pagans Emperor Justinianus, Ioannis Asiacus Phrygia, Caria, Lydia
546 Hundreds of Gentiles are put to death in Constantinople by the inquisitor Ioannis Asiacus Gentiles Ioannis Asiacus Constantinople
556 Emperor Justinianus orders the extermination of pagans in Antioch Gentiles Emperor Justinianus, Inquisitor Amantius Antioch
562 Persecution of pagans in Athens, Antioch, Palmyra and Constantinople Hellenes Militant Christians Athens, Antioch, Palmyra, Constantinople
578 to 582 Exterminate the last Gentiles of Heliopolis (Baalbek) Gentiles Militant Christians Eastern Empire, Heliopolis, Baalbek
580 Christian inquisitors attack a secret Temple of Zeus in Antioch Priests of Zeus, Vice Governor Anatolius Christian Inquisitors Antioch
583 New persecutions against the pagan Greeks by the Emperor Mauricius Hellenes Emperor Mauricius
590 A new wave of torture and executions erupts Pagans Militant Christians Eastern Empire
590-604 Pope Gregory I had the library of the Palatine Apollo burned Education Pope Gregory I Palatine
623-639 King Dagobert I forced Christian baptism upon pagans Pagans Dagobert I
629 Massacre of Jews after Jerusalem Recaptured from Persians Jews Emperor Heraclius Jerusalem
632 Emperor Heraclius ordered all Jews in the empire to convert Jews Emperor Heraclius Roman Empire
653 King Aripert I Outlawed Arianism Arians King Aripert I Lombardy
668 Imperial Forces Destroy the Paulician Heresy Constantine Sylvanus Iimperial Troops Armenia
692 Banning of remaining pagan festivals Pagans Penthekte Council of Constantinople
804 The Greeks of Laconia, Greece, resist successfully the attempt to convert them to Christianity Hellenes Tarasius Patriarch of Constantinople Laconia
950 to 988 Violent conversion of the last Gentile Hellenes of Laconia by the Armenian "Saint" Nikon Hellenes Saint Nikon Laconia