330-380 Orthodox Christians Killed Large Numbers of Heretical Christians

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"In the eastern part of the empire, "orthodox" Christians killed large numbers of "heretical" Christians. The death toll of Vestal Virgins, Arians, Athanasians, Donatists, and Novatians killed by other Christians between 330 and 380 was many times more than had been killed by pagan persecution in two and half centuries. [McCabe, 1939, 55]"

412 Closure of Novatian Churches and Looting of Jewish Sites

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"[St]. Cyril, Theophilus' nephew and "an impetuous, self-promoting radical who believed in backing up the power of the Word with the power of the mob," succeeded Theophilus as patriarch of Alexandria. He was not elected to the position. His supporters won it for him after three days of street fighting with the supporters of Archdeacon Timothy, who was backed by the church hierarchy and the military.