American Catholics must choose between faith and country

Submitted by RWMaster on Sat, 12/03/2016 - 08:52

"Michael Voris, Catholic apologist and producer of ChurchMilitantTV (formerly known as RealCatholicTV) videos, has recently released a video titled “Catholic or Patriot?” in which he says that Catholics will soon have to “make a choice between their Catholic faith and their county, between their faith and their patriotism.” President Obama's “diabolical healthcare law” and “the diabolical” which “has control of the halls of government and is waiting for the opportunity to reveal itself fully,” Voris explains, should lead Catholics to “choose the way of martyrdom however it comes.”



“American civilization,” Michael Voris says, “has launched a culture war against faithful Catholics just as Otto von Bismarck did in the mid to late 19th century in Germany and the French government in the 18th century and the English government did in the 16th and 17th countries.” This culture war, headed by President Obama, Voris explains, should lead Catholics to “wake up and realize that what is working behind the scenes is a battle between Heaven and Hell, between St. Michael and Lucifer.” Voris, referring to Lucifer as “the bastard destroyer,” notes that he has “seized hold of the powers of the state and is bringing them to bear on the faithful.”

President Obama's Affordable Care Act, Voris says, is “intrinsically evil” and “not just unconstitutional.” That the law is an intrinsically evil one, on Voris' account, is enough reasoning for it to be a “bad law.” Voris explains, “Who cares if it's unconstitutional? It's evil because it promotes an evil, namely contraception. That's why the law is bad, not because it may or may not violate some arcane clause in a 200 year old plus document that only means what a majority of nine judges says it means.”

Closing his video, Michael Voris says, “It's time to prepare ourselves -- my fellow Catholics – to immerse yourselves in the faith and the sacraments, mind and soul, so that when your time comes to choose, you will choose the way of martyrdom however it comes to you and me.”


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